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Clinical Homeopathy Certificate Course

Clinical Homeopathy Certificate Course (8 Modules, 40 Seminars, 500 Hours, 10 Books) Home Study Self-Paced Education

Lectures and Seminars by Dr. Robin Murphy, N.D.
(Author of the Homeopathic Clinical Repertory & Nature's Materia Medica)

The Clinical Homeopathy Certificate Course is a comprehensive study of homeopathic philosophy and practice. The 500+ hours required for the Certificate in Homeopathy (C.Hom.) from the Lotus Health Institute are completed through home study of the Audio CD Seminars. These seminars on homeopathy and natural health practices are designed for those who wish to learn these subjects in a profound, systematic, and creative manner.


On Demand: Natural and Detox Medicine Seminar


In this seminar, Dr. Robin Murphy talks about Natural and Detox Medicine. The topics include therapies and homeopathic remedies and keynotes and for hay fever, ADD & ADHD, arthritis, food allergies & bowel problems, and sinusitis descriptions. He also gives an in depth lecture on the uses of bamboo charcoal and castor oil.

 With this rental you get:

  • 9 hours of lecture
  • 30-day rental
  • 20-minute bonus Q&A
  • PDF slides