This address was presented by Robin Murphy ND at the ARH Annual Conference.

Clinical Homeopathy

I call my style of practising "Clinical Homeopathy", and it is comprised of several branches, as outlined below. The clinical approach includes all the forms of classical and constitutional prescribing plus a lot more. Clinical Homeopathy is more diverse and practical than the narrow-minded approach of the so-called Classical Homeopaths. One of the main reasons many Homeopaths fail to be successful in practice is because they are not taught "real world homeopathy". They are taught "idealistic homeopathy", which is the classical approach. You need an ideal patient for classical homeopathy to work; they are the exception in homeopathic practice not the rule.

Etiology overrules symptomatology in clinical practice. If the cause of the disorder is a drug then the homeopath should be prescribing accordingly. The symptoms are an expression of the Vital Force. Each case tells you via the etiology and symptoms whether to go for homeopathy, tautopathy or isopathy, etc.

A high potency prescriber is like a musician who only knows how to play high notes, they can never be consider a master musician. Homeopaths should be fluent in all potencies including the use Herbal tinctures and also be familiar Allopathic drugs.

We should not play this game, where the cure is the only prize. Healing is a continual process, we have to keep the patient moving towards better health. A cure is not the goal, better health and better living is the goal. Health is a part of living, growing and aging. Palliation is also important, some serious cases can be palliated for years. What's wrong with that?

The Major Branches of Clinical Homeopathy

Homeopathic Prescribing -

The prescribing of potentized remedies based on their symptom similarity to the disorder being treated. We need to know the homeopathic therapeutics first and foremost. This is an example of a remedy curing a disorder, that it is similar to, based on provings and toxicology reports.

Isopathic Prescribing -

The prescribing of potentized remedies based on their biological similarity to the disorder being treated. Isopathy is the science of miasms, nosodes, epidemics, vaccinations, etc. This is an example of a virus curing a virus, or a bacteria curing a bacteria, etc.

Tautopathic Prescribing -

The prescribing of potentized remedies based on their chemical similarity to the disorder being treated. Tautopathy is the science of antidotes and toxicology. This method excels in removing the effect of drugs and toxins. Drug layers, drug abuse, addictions, craving and drug overdoses can all be treated with tautopathic methods. The first remedy ever prescribed in homeopathy was a tautopathic one not a homeopathic one. Hahnemann used the remedy China to treat China poisoning: that was tautopathy. He antidoted peruvian bark poisoning with potentized Peruvian bark. Where was the need to take a long case history as the classicals do? This is an example of a poison curing a poison.

Sympathetic Prescribing -

The prescribing of potentized remedies based on their sympathetic  similarity to the disorder being treated. This the folklore uses of potentized remedies. This is an ancient homeopathic science. Here, the homeopathic remedy is selected according to folklore, flowers essences, gemstones, herbs, astrology, etc. By understanding sympathies and antipathies one can treat a variety of disorders. These remedies can also be given to healthy people to help enhance normal human functions. Like meditation, dreams, creativity, memory, speech, stamina, sports, etc.


Tautopathic Prescribing Methods

In the USA, the top big killers are:

1. Heart disease

2. Cancer

3. Strokes

4. Allopathic prescribed drugs kill outright 120,000 people per year: these are the reported cases only.

Indirectly they kill many more thousands of people. Modern medicine uses weird numerology to manipulate the statistics and they call it a medical science. The average American has a 9000% greater chance of dying from allopathic drugs than from a loaded gun in their own home.!  A person has double the chance of dying from their doctor than from a car accident.

Classical Homeopathy is useless in cases of severe pathologies and patients on allopathic drugs. My practice consists of 60% to 70% of these types of patients. Most patients today are on 2-3 different drugs. Therefore we should be familiar with the top allopathic drugs being prescribed today. We need to know the top heart, blood pressure and diabetic remedies, etc. We need to know: drug side affects, drug overdoses, withdrawal symptoms, etc. We need to know them as potentized remedies also.

In homeopathic prescribing, I never take a patient off their drugs, therefore the allopaths don"t object. I always give low potencies of the indicated remedies along with herbal tinctures. Why? Because low potencies given daily are less prone to be antidoted by the drugs. I give higher potencies for drug overdoses, and acute withdrawal symptoms. Once the patient is doing better, the drug doses are lowered and eventually stopped. We can get patients off their drugs by treating the underlying reason they are taking the drugs. As the allopathic drugs are reduced, the cure rate is increased.

There are 1500 new drugs annually, these drugs are new to the human gene pool. Therefore any approved drug is still one foreign to human DNA for generations. The true toxics effects of any drug may not be known for at least 40 years or longer. Human are being chemically manipulated, poisoned and experimented on, for money and no other reason. Chemotherapy is as toxic as getting cholera and but we have to pay the chemo poisoning and cholera is free!

We are also being poisoned by Synthetic Chemicals called Xenobiotics that have been around since the early1900's. Since then there are thousands new xenobiotics every year also. Tap water has 56,000 xenobiotics, the US government tests for only 56 additions of these chemicals added to tap water. Since 1900, 2 million pesticides, herbicides and chemicals are in the human blood stream.

Example: In brain tumour cases, a chemical called Sodium Laurel Sulphate may be a cause of the cancer. This chemical is found in most shampoos to create foam, even the ones in the health stores. Sodium Laurel Sulphate is detected in the blood stream after one use only. We shampoo our babies hair with a cancer causing agent on a daily basis!


The Nine Methods of Tautopathic Prescribing

A practitioner needs to be familiar with the Mims or BNF ( British National Formulary) of allopathic drugs. It is important not to be prejudiced about Allopathy, but to understand their drugs, as any morbific agent, such as a grief or trauma. In the treatment of patients who are on drugs, if you can use tautopathy first, you can demonstrate what homeopathy can do.

1. Tautopathic Prescribing for Drug Side Effects

Drug side effects are a major obstacle to the cure. The biggest hazard lies in mixing up the case. We can get acute side effects of drugs and chronic symptoms of the patient confused. It's important to separate these two. We need to learn to distinguish between the side effects of the drugs and the symptoms of the patient when we analyze the case history. We need to learn the symptoms of allopathic drugs like we do with the homeopathic remedies.

Example: You might ask, "did you have these symptoms before or after the pill /HRT?"  Then, depending on the answer, you might look at remedies like Oophorinum, Ovarian, Oestrogen etc.

2. Tautopathic Prescribing for DRUG  LAYERS

"Never been well since taking a drug or chemical poisonings" is a common phenomenon in modern practice. Drug poisonings can leave a drug layers. If a drug layer exists in the case then it must be removed first. Otherwise the patient's health will not improve. Mixing these drug layers with the general case is a big mistake. Also ignoring the top layer of the case can lead to a failure to cure or even palliate.

3. Tautopathic Prescribing for DRUG  WITHDRAWALS

The drug withdrawal symptoms are a whole new case. Treat all drug withdrawals as acutes, and use the tautopathic remedies in higher potencies. Flush the drugs out with water, by putting the tautopathic remedies in water. Also use herbal tinctures to help with the detoxification process. Avena Sativa for morphine or heroin withdrawal. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy should be treated as acute poisonings. Go for the herbs that fit the organ and give the tautopathic remedies.

4. Tautopathic Prescribing for DRUG  Addictions

Clinical homeopathy can assist greatly in the removal of cravings and addictions. Both psychological and physiological addictions can be treated effectively. Cravings for cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, marijuana, or allopathic drugs are all treatable with tautopathics. Is this being taught in the homeopathic colleges?

Example:  for alcohol craving: Lachesis, Quercus rubens, Sulphuric acid or Amethyst, (known as the sobriety stone). However, Alcohol in potency is a great remedy. Alcohol dehydrates the brain and can lead to many chronic disorders, including epilepsy.

5. Tautopathic Prescribing for DRUG and Chemical OVERDOSES

Acute drug overdoses are a common cause of death in our society. Knowing the correct tautopathic or homeopathic remedies can save someone's life.

Example: Barbiturate overdose symptoms are slurred speech, drowsiness, murmuring, and heavy eyes, followed by coma and death. Phenobarb. in potency is the antidote for phenobarb. The clinical picture of Gelsemium also fits

6. Tautopathic Prescribing of ALLOPATHIC Drugs based on their ALLOPATHIC indictions, AS  IN THE BNF / MIMS

In spite of all the new provings going on these days, I believe learning allopathic drugs is more important. We instantly have 1,000 new chemical remedies. This involves prescribing a remedy based on its allopathic indications, because it is already a well-proven remedy.

Example: Ritalin is used in hyperactivity therefore it has that similar affinity, for that disease. It is a stimulant that treats over stimulated children. Therefore Ritalin in potency is a great remedy for treating hyperactivity.

Example: Dopamine is the drug for Parkinson's disease. Therefore Dopamine is a remedy for Parkinson's disease. These patients also have a dopamine deficiency.

Example: a child is a Silica constitution at birth, but after abuse goes into a Staphisagria layer, then, after difficult teenage years  he gets given Prozac.  These remedies have an affinity for each other, the fact that prozac treats a Staphisagria like condition means that the patient is sensitive to prozac. Drugs like prozac are new remedies: they stand with staphisagria, Arsenicum & Carcinosin. We must be unprejudiced and treat them like another remedy.

7. Tautopathic Prescribing of ALLOPATHIC Drugs and Chemicals based on their HOMEOPATHIC  indictations

Remedies like Lithium, Alcohol, Mercury, Lead and Adrenalin have been in the repertory for over a hundred years; via provings and case histories we have the indications for prescribing them as homeopathic remedies. That means any drug or chemical can be used as a remedy to treat things beyond it's normal allopathic indications.

8. Tautopathic Prescribing of PREVENTATIVE  REMEDIES

Also known as prophylactic tautopathy: If one knows a person is about to be exposed to a toxic substance then one can give a tautopathic remedy to help them through the toxic exposure.

Example: Before a visit to the dentist give the anaesthetic in potency, especially if the patient has a history of poor recovery from that drug. Likewise for chemotherapy you can give Cadmium sulph., on the day of the chemo treatment to lessen the side affects of the treatment.

9. Tautopathic Prescribing for Detoxification

Naturopaths strongly believe in detoxification and homeopaths should too. Knowing methods of detoxification will save lives.

Our bodies are made of 75%  water, therefore the Cell Salts are very important remedies. Cell Salts are about cleaning  the intra-cellular water that has become poisoned. Everything including aging comes down to cell water, cellular dehydration being  the cause of many problems.

In the US, there is a product called "Bioplasma", it has all of the 12 tissue salts in each tablet. You take them by placing the Cell Salts in a bottle of water & shake it up, the energy of the water changes. I call this Biowater, it is like a homeopathic I.V.  The best time to take this is at the Kidney hour, which is between 6.25am and 10.17am.

Another method is to place the Cell Salts in water bottles, then add the tautopathic remedy in last: the sequence is important as the remedy placed in last overrides the others. In cigarette addiction, place the Cell salts in water, then add Nicotine 30C and then do a flush for 7 days. The more the water, the more powerful it becomes. You can "layer" the water

Example: Detox tonics can be made with Pure Water  + Cell Salts + Herbs + Tautopathic remedy. Whatever the last potency or the highest potency added is what influences the tonic the most. Distilled water is the best. Carry out the flush for 7 days, add herbs and remedies for the organs and this will help pull out toxins.

Caution should be used when applying these detox tonics, I recommend they be used for short period of time only, and that then a break is given and the detox repeated only if necessary.

To summarise, knowing clinical homeopathy will be a great boon to anyone in practice today and in the future. Knowing tautopathic prescribing is absolutely essential because of the fact that the majority of the human population is being poisoned o the coming year n a daily basis and I hope to be teaching a post-graduate course on clinical homeopathy and tautopathy in the UK in the coming year.

*Transcribed by Myriam Shivadikar-Siganos 

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