Dr. Robin Murphy talks about his signs of health that indicate when a treatment, tonic, or remedy is working.

This podcast is an excerpt from the "Superfoods & Herbal Tonics 1" lecture by Dr. Robin Murphy, ND.

Superfoods & Herbal Tonics 1 covers natural health philosophy, homeopathic prescribing methods, diabetes and hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, heart problems, stroke, hormonal problems, menopause, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, bone disorders, superfoods, home remedies, and herbal tonics.  

Dr. Murphy's full Superfoods & Herbal Tonics 1 lecture is available for streaming access.


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So, this is what we want. So, I have these signs of health. How do you know the treatment is working or not up? How do you know whether a tonic’s working or remedy is working? Well, we actually look for these things and especially for a person’s sense of well-being. You get all this from qigong (Chi Kung). One thing is – qigong gives you all this. I had qigong in the middle. I said, well, you can actually get a lot of this from other things too. But qigong gives you all of it and it's self-sufficient and it empowers you and it doesn't involve a super intellect or memory or even being educated. So, to me, qigong is the highest, for that reason alone, that I can go anywhere in the country – I don't even have to know the language and I can just start moving and people can follow, okay? And you need no equipment, you need nothing. And it's up to you whether you do it or not. And it's the number one thing to promote longevity and preventive medicine, in my opinion, okay? It clears the mind, natural health things, remedies and tonics, gives you a calmness.

We want more energy with calmness. This is a paradoxical reaction that no drug can give.  We have stimulants and sedatives. But when you hit the vital force and improve someone's vitality, they feel calmer with more energy. And then we know we're on the right track. Whether it's body work or yoga or qigong or homeopathic remedies, if it doesn't bring out some of these signs and symptoms of health, then to me it's not touching the vitality of the person. People that get healthier become more compassionate. I've heard a hundred stories, give a boss, the guy, nux vomica and all the employees call, what’d you give so and so, he's so nice. We've seen hyperactive kids that would torture animals and stuff and then we give them remedies and they end up being obsessed and loving animals. Total flip around. I know no drugs and stuff that would do that. Okay?

Better sleep and dreams. So, you know you're on the right path to higher health and longevity. If you're sleeping better, you wake more refreshed and your dreams are more positive, okay? I was telling people about a dream I had a couple of nights ago. I woke up and had a dry mouth, went in the kitchen and drank some juice and went back to bed. I had all these dreams of dragons! I'm in the castle, we're trying to get all the dragons, they’re flying around. They infested the castle. I hired this guy to help me get the dragons out. I've never dreamed about dragons in my life. And the guy is walking, he had this long trench coat, I kept seeing something move in his trench coat and this tail popped out. I said, you're one of those dragons too. I had a guy go jump and grab him around a neck and then I woke up. Then, I went to my kitchen and I looked at the bottle and it was dragon fruit from the health food store. So, I researched this. Who named it? It's a red [fruit] with spikes and – I had never heard of it, this is from Hawaii, I guess. Dragon fruit? People have heard of it? It's one of these super fruits.

Okay. Down here, increased suppleness, very important to long life and health. So, if you have patience - not just arthritis, but as we age, sediment builds up – our proportion of water to sediment. It gives us all the wrinkles and stiffness and stuff. Okay, so being flexible, that's where yoga and qigong and all these [come into play]. It's a part of a ritual. It's a science called the art of living. The art of living is not just how much money you can make. The art of living is how well educated on what you eat and your house, your environment, everything. It's a whole art of living. Stronger energy field and aura. In oriental medicine we believe, in qigong, we have a field, a Wei Qi field. And that's what makes people susceptible to colds and winds. They can't explain why a person gets a chill and gets pneumonia. Where's the virus? Someone’s riding down the street, I've seen it 100 times, and the wind blows in their face, now they have Bell’s palsy. Where's the virus? A girl jumps in a swimming pool, her period stops. So, that's our energy field. And some people are so sensitive to lights and this and that. So, doing qigong and the right remedy, should strengthen our energy field. Okay? And again, the brain waves and all that stuff can be tested with people.

Stronger bones. You'll never find someone more a proponent of stronger bones than me. Because, that's the secret of tai chi and qigong. It gives you stronger bones. Inside the bones is the bone marrow. In ancient tests, the second most important fluid after sexual fluids was bone marrow. And third was saliva. So, we never spit. And even sweat. We rub the sweat back in; full of hormones and minerals and all that type of stuff. Okay?

Better balance and coordination. Of course, these are goals that we want people to have.

Improved posture and spine. Which can negate most of this other stuff. If you're spine’s off, you're not going to be happy or calm or clear. Okay? People that went to counselors and stuff for depression. A year in counseling and no one asked why were you depressed? Oh. I lost my job. Why did you lose your job? Oh, I hurt my back. Okay, here's a remedy for your back and the depression goes away. So, you can analyze this stuff for years or you find the cause. Now he's back to work and happy.

Increased longevity and vitality. So, we want all this. And the spiritual wellness – we feel more compassionate, more connected to whatever. We are more conscious of what we're doing on the planet.

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