This podcast is an excerpt from Dr. Robin Murphy, ND's "Homeopathic Prescribing" Lecture CD Set. Dr. Murphy speaks on Homeopathic Prescribing and Medical Drugs.

Homeopathic Prescribing
History and principles of homeopathy. Homeopathic prescribing methods including case taking and case management, potency selection and repetition of dose. Various schools and levels of homeopathic prescribing are reviewed. Comparing Hahnemann and Kentian prescribing methods. Hahnemann's Organon, acute and chronic prescribing, constitutional, isotopic prescribing, LM describing, organopathic, psychological, synthetic, tautopathic and materia medic.

Dr. Murphy's full Homeopathic Prescribing lecture is available for streaming access.


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Yeah, we never, never ever take anyone off their medications. Now, they’ll tell you in the books that, or a homeopath may say, oh, you have to stop your drugs or stop your coffee or stop your cigarettes before you do homeopathy. That is not true. Now, what we do, we adjust our homeopathy instead of putting the problem on the patient. We adjust how we do homeopathy. And this is where Hanuman's homeopathy shines the most; on people on drugs and medication. By giving that remedy in low potency three or four times a day. It will work through the drugs, and as they're getting better, then they lower their amount of the drugs. And that's why, in my 27 years of practice, I've had no problem legally or with MDs. Wherever I practice, they love me because they know I will never tell anybody to stop their medication. But I tell them to go back and have their blood pressure checked. Then the doctor removes them from their medication. I don't have to. I can adjust my homeopathy to work through it. That's a big big value of Hahnemannian homeopathy. You cannot do that with Kentian homeopathy and that's the biggest flaw in it. And the idea that someone is drowning in the ocean and we're out there preaching, you should have learned how to swim, you should have done this, you should have done that. That's insane. We have to get the person on shore and then tell them they should join a swimming class. But this person's on medication, they’re suicidal, and all this, just pulling off the drug will create a crisis in itself, and it's not necessary, but people feel it's going to interfere with my remedy. Well, it's not your remedy, it's the person's remedy. You see, it's a big difference in attitude. So, yeah, we can work – that's where Hahnemannian homeopathy – because I see those kinds of cases, that's why I use it more. But healthy people come in, they have some relationship grief, low energy, some allergies, headaches, menstrual problems, PMS. You can get these one doses high and just do miracle work with it. But once the cases get more complicated and deeper, you have to go – have other tools in your toolbox.



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